The Uniqueness of God’s Son: John 1:15-18

October 9, 2022 Speaker: Tim Paulding Series: The Gospel of John: So That You May Believe

Topic: John the Baptist testimony concerning Christ, The Gospel of John Passage: John 1:15–18

Three Breakthroughs That Show the Uniqueness of God’s Son and That Should Increase Your Hope and Joy:

1) The Unique Son’s Unparalleled Ministry (vs. 15)—the Son’s ministry is superior to John the Baptist’s ministry

2) The Unique Son’s Unsurpassed Goodness (vss. 16–17)—the Son’s goodness goes beyond the goodness of the Old Covenant through Moses

3) The Unique Son’s Unprecedented Revelation (vs. 18)—the Son’s presentation of God transforms what can otherwise be known about God

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