Antioch School

Antioch SchoolGrace Church desires to provide intense theological and ministry training while providing accredited degrees for those who desire that opportunity. This church-based training is for-service training while in-service. Our pastors are the faculty.

The mission of the Antioch School is to support church-based theological education by providing academic degree programs that accompany the use of BILD resources in non-formal, in-service leadership development for ministry.

The vision of the Antioch School is to support the tremendous spontaneous expansion of the church in the twenty-first century through theological education done in the context of church ministry, which maintains high levels of achievement in character, skill, and knowledge.

This degree program has a $7,500 tuition that can be paid over the course of  four years.

Degrees that are offered:

Bachelor of Ministry (B. Min.), Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.), Master of Ministry (M. Min.), Master of Theology (M. Th.), Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.), Doctor of Theology (D. Th.), Certificate of Ministry (C. Min.), Certificate of Theology (C.Th)

We are currently enrolling students. For more information contact Ron Regas or visit the Antioch School website.

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